Episode 1 of Dj Flipside's Vlog. This is the story of how B96's Flipside At Five began, and footage from the final show and after-hours!

The flagship NS7III controller is a premier four-deck controller for Serato DJ. Featuring three high-resolution color screens with a stackable waveform display and an interactive control surface, the NS7III forges a kinetic-no, make that radioactive- connection between the audience and your music.

Numark artist, DJ Flipside give us the inside scoop of his success DJing on Chicago's B96, at Bulls Games, and on tour with the Jump Smokers with his main controller - the NS7III Join the conversation!

Friend of the show DJ Flipside, stops by to talk about being on tour with Pitbull and he also talks about what you can expect to see at the B96 Summer Bash.
In honor of the passing of Chicago Legend Dj Timbuck2, I was blessed with the opportunity to represent our love for Chicago house. Timbuck2 was a lover of music and the art of Dj'ing. This night was about paying tribute to him, my friend, and inspiration.
This is a Day in the life of Dj Flipside. In episode 1, he visit's New York, makes an edit for Silk City "Electricity," tries to test customer service at the Chelsea Market and more. Get the Silk City edit at